Hi to our Readers,

Welcome to our new improved, revamped website.


Let us begin by saying thank you to our readers who had read and followed the lengthy, detailed articles shown in our old format website.

Since we dealt with a specialized subject, our website could only have limited appeal and even then, only to persons interested in this subject. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to find that over the years, we seemed to have gathered a small following of readers numbering in the low thousands.

So the next question that we needed to ask ourselves was, how could we improve our website?


In the old version of our website, there was only one way communication - from us to our readers. The readers could not reply to us except by e mail, assuming that they chose that option at all.

We have rectified this shortcoming by introducing three bulletin boards whereby our readers can post their comments.

However, if any reader wanted to participate in the forums, they are required to register as a member. Otherwise, the readers or visitors can read the comments only but cannot post any remarks.

The process of registration is free. Therefore, we shall never ask you to reveal your banking password, bank account number or credit card number.


In this column, the editor will select and post some birth charts which have some interesting features. He will then pose a few pertinent questions to the members.

For instance, he might show two birth charts and ask the members to determine who was more likely to become wealthy - or who was more likely to remain in the poor house.

Initially, some members can try to answer the questions. Later, other members can comment on the initial attempts and, in turn, give their answers.

After the discussion has gone on for some time, the editor will try to give a summary of the attempts, explaining which answers were right or partially right and the reasons why.

Then we shall close the topic. The editor shall continue to choose and post other birth charts with pertinent features for analysis.


In this feature, our members are invited to contribute any birth charts that they might want to discuss with other members.

But they must use our templates to post the birth charts. These templates are not linked to any computer software program which have the “Ten Thousand Year Calendar” database.

The members could plot the birth charts manually by using any reliable published almanac known as the “Ten Thousand Year Calendar.” They could then transfer the data to our birth chart templates. This was the old fashioned method of doing things.

We understand that the “Ten Thousand Year Calendar” software program is widely available by various vendors for smart phones and tablets. If any of our members have subscribed to such programs, they only needed to transcribe the data to our birth chart templates. This was the modern method of doing the same thing.

Our members are encouraged to give their comments about the birth charts that have been posted by other members.

After there has been sufficient discussion, the editor would act as the moderator by summarizing the various views and give his opinion.

Then we shall terminate the discussion for that particular birth chart.

We should then move on to discuss the other remaining birth charts still available for discussion.


The various research articles that were published in the old version of our website have been archived in our “Rear View Mirror” section.

The members may post their comments or ask questions about any of the articles in this section.

If the need arises, the editor shall give his opinions about the comments. Otherwise, he may leave matters alone by allowing an uninhibited discussion.


In future, we do not envisage posting any more of our research articles online. Instead, we propose to collate the research and publish them in the form of a book.

Er…. actually, we have already done so by publishing our first book.

So perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we hope to publish some more of our research articles in our second or subsequent books.

We hope that our members would enjoy the discussions about how to analyze Ba Zi astrology charts. Let us try to make the process of learning fun!