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    2013-12-22 16:23:06
Book Name: "Never say Never": The puzzling popularity of Justin Bieber

For some people, success came knocking early in their lives. Broadly speaking, people in the entertainment or sports fields tended to enjoy early success compared to people in, say, politics or the sciences. Some examples in recent music history that came to mind were performers such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake – and Justin Bieber.

In 2008, Justin Bieber was discovered by Scott “Scooter” Braun who later became his agent. He was then barely 14 years old.

However, when we examined the birth chart of Justin Bieber, there appeared to be many strange features. At first sight, his birth chart did not reveal any promise of success, let alone success at such a young age. How then to account for his rapid rise to fame and popularity?



Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 near Ontario, Canada. This meant that he had not yet even reached twenty one years old at the time of writing.  Under normal circumstances, we would not prefer to write about someone who was so young.  The reason was that the future events in his life have not yet unfolded. There were too few events in his early life and career for us to examine.

But his birth chart seemed to belie his career. That is to say, a cursory look at his birth chart showed that he did not have the necessary ingredients to succeed. This disparity alone was sufficient reason for us to re-examine his birth chart in some detail. Perhaps we could learn many things from his birth chart and narrow the gap between theory and practice.


Justin Bieber was born on a 丙 fire day in the 寅Tiger month. As the 寅Tiger month represented the spring season, his day master was not born in season.

Justin Bieber 1-3-1994





Wu Earth

Bing Fire

Bing Fire

Jia Wood







戊 辛 丁

Yang          Yin            Yin

Earth        Metal           Fire

甲 丙 戊

Yang       Yang       Yang

Wood         Fire         Earth

戊 辛 丁

Yang         Yin               Yin

Earth        Metal             Fire


But his fire was rooted in his 戌 Dog day and 戌 Dog year. The 戌 Dog also had a partial Three Harmony combination with the 寅Tiger that resulted in fire. Therefore, his fire could be said to be strong due to the structure of the chart. There was also another 丙 fire in the Heavenly Stem above the month of birth.

When a person has such strong fire, he needed the 壬 water and 庚 metal in his chart. In the advanced study of Ba Zi, these two elements were known as his Useful Gods. When the Useful Gods were present in the birth chart or the luck cycles, his luck was said to have arrived. But he did not have either one of his elements in his birth chart. Yet he not only became successful, he also became famous at a tender age. How to explain this situation? That was the first puzzle of his birth chart.

He was discovered by his future agent, Scooter Braun, in 2008. He made his first album, “My World” the following year. During this period, he was in his luck cycle of 戊 earth 辰 Dragon.  There was no 壬 water or 庚 metal in this luck cycle.  Furthermore, the 辰 Dragon luck cycle clashed with the 戌 Dog in his birth chart. Therein lay the second puzzle for us to resolve.

The element of 壬 water represented his fame and authority.  If there was no 壬 water in his birth chart or his 辰 Dragon luck cycle, the logical conclusion was that the person’s fame had not yet arrived. How could he possibly become famous despite the absence of the 壬water? This was the third puzzle that was laid in our path.

As Alice said when she was in Wonderland, this case only became “curiouser and curiouser.”


According to his mother’s autobiography, Justin Bieber was born around 1.00 am. That meant he was a丙 fire person who was born at night. According to a renowned master based in our country (Malaysia), people who were 丙 fire day masters should be born during the day time. The argument was that 丙 fire represented the fire of the sun. The fire of the sun would shine the brightest during the daytime. If the 丙fire person was born during the night, the sun would have set so the rays were no longer visible. If the rays of the sun could not be seen at night, then the achievements of the 丙 fire person born at night would not be recognized.

Conversely, the famous master argued that a 丁 fire day master should be born at night. The reason was that the丁 fire represented the fire of the candle. The candle fire was most sorely needed at night after the sun had set. During the daytime, people extinguished the fire of the candle. Since the fire of the candle was not required during the day time, the accomplishments of the丁 fire day master born during the day light hours would not be acknowledged by the public.

These arguments sounded reasonable enough. But Justin Bieber was a 丙 fire day master born during the night time. If this theory that fire day masters had to be born within certain hours of the day or night was valid, how did one explain this glaring exception to the rule?

Here was the fourth puzzle for discerning students of astrology to deal with.